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Redefine Success with Jess Williams

Redefine Success with Jess Williams

What’s your idea of success?

For so long I used to sit in a freezing cold office and wish I was outside at the beach…

So I started my own business to give me that flexibility, yet ended up even further from that reality!

I ran my swimwear brand for 5 years and probably only went to the beach 2x a year if I was lucky… I became “too busy” and ended up putting work before living 🙈

Over the past 3-4 years I’ve been on my journey of ‘slowing down’, focusing on my health, and filling my days with doing things I love 🙌🏼🥰

Here’s how:
👉🏼 I decided what success really looked like to me (the most important step!!)
👉🏼 I structured my business in a way that allowed me to make an impact while allowing time for myself too (and sold/exited the businesses that no longer lit me up).
👉🏼I set strict boundaries for my time and scheduled everything (including showering & eating) to make sure I had time for what mattered to me.

It may seem like a far away dream for you right now but if I can do it, you can too!!

You can have BOTH money AND fun, ease and a fulfilled life, but we need to look at it differently 💰💕🥰

What I see is a bunch of successful businesses with BURNT OUT business owners who are tired & stressed 😣😩

We are so busy serving our business that we forget that LIFE is happening in the meantime.

Trust me, I have been there:
The 3pm breakfasts (because I put work first)
The anxiety and stress constantly
The constant “hustle”
The guilt around taking a weekend off

It's not fun! 😫

True success to me is not waiting until I’m 65 to retire & to live life on my terms today 🥰

What choice are you making?

You can DESIGN a business that exists to serve you and that helps you to create the life of your dreams & without the burnout!

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Jess Williams - Award-winning Mindset & Business Mentor

“Using my  7+ years experience, deep understanding of business, mindset/shadow work, marketing & buyer psych to help incredible women scale their business & create life changing transformations is genuinely EVERYTHING to me!

I know how to help anyone unlock their own version of wild success – you’re not one size fits all so your business shouldn’t be either!

When I'm not doing badass things with my powerhouse clients… I love to go on adventures & relax at the beach sipping my iced Matcha! – oh and I love some reality TV too haha ;)”

Come connect with me on IG 

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