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Where luxury meets a twist of fun, and elegance dances with a cheeky spirit. Our brand is born from a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by high-achieving women like you. We're here to elevate your daily rituals and remind you of the importance of self-care.

Why Full & Filled?

We launched this brand with a crystal-clear mission: to help hardworking women achieve their wildest dreams without constantly depleting their own energy. We know what it's like to experience the exhilaration of success and the depths of burnout. Full & Filled is our answer to that age-old question: "How do you fill your cup and thrive?"

Full & Filled

Affirmation Glassware

When a design is gone, it's gone.

Exclusively Yours

We believe that each design should be as unique as the woman who chooses it. That's why every collection is produced in limited quantities.

While we may revisit a beloved design after some time, our commitment to exclusivity ensures that each piece you own is a treasured and rare find.


A creative entrepreneur who knows firsthand the highs and lows of balancing ambition and self-care.

Alisha’s entrepreneurial journey has been a whirlwind of passion and persistence. But it’s also had its share of burnout, anxiety, and self-doubt. Through these experiences, she was inspired to create Full & Filled, a brand that speaks to women who, like her, strive for excellence while seeking balance, self-love, and an enduring sense of fulfillment.

Alisha's vision for Full & Filled is to provide premium, high-quality products that not only serve as functional tools but also as powerful reminders to prioritize self-care, self-love, and the pursuit of one's dreams. Her dedication to the brand's mission is evident in every product and message, making Full & Filled a brand that resonates deeply with its community.

“Full & Filled is my heart and soul poured into every product. It's a reminder to myself and women like you that self-care is non-negotiable. My experiences fuel this brand, and I'm passionate about sharing the wisdom I've gained on this journey.”


At Full & Filled, we know that the power of our brand doesn't lie solely in our products; it's in our incredible community. Your voices, stories, and shared experiences shape our decisions. We're co-creating a movement, where every woman's journey is honored, and self-love is celebrated.

Discover our collections, immerse yourself in self-care, and join a tribe of women who prioritize themselves. Here's to living life to the fullest, with a glass that's always full and dreams that are truly limitless.

It's your stories, your feedback, and your love that shape our brand and its offerings.

We invite you to be a part of our journey, connect with us on Instagram @fullandfilled, and continue influencing the path we take. Together, we'll redefine success, self-care, and self-love in a way that empowers every woman to flourish. Thank you for being a vital part of Full & Filled's story.

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